Four Group Study Rooms in the Main Library can now be scheduled

  • Rooms 212 and 213 are located across from the elevators on the second floor. These rooms have tables that seat four and whiteboards on the wall.
  • Rooms 215 and 216 are located near the Main Microforms Area on the second floor. These rooms also seat four, but are smaller and do not have whiteboards.


Arrive at your group's scheduled time and go directly to the room. Bring your student ID (Flash Card). If there are any questions, ask at the 2nd Floor Information Desk in the University Library.

  • Your group must be composed of two or more students.
  • Rooms may be scheduled for use Monday through Thursday from 10am to 7pm, Friday 10am to 5pm, and Sunday from 1pm until 7pm. Rooms are first come, first served on Saturday. You may schedule rooms up to 1 week in advance.
  • Rooms are scheduled in one hour blocks. You may schedule Group Study Rooms for a total of two hours per day. The two hours may be a combination of one hour in one room and one hour in another or two hours in the same room. The hours may be back to back or at different times during the day.
  • If your group has scheduled a room and does not show up within 20 minutes of your scheduled time, you forfeit your scheduled time and others may use the room for the remainder of the hour.
  • The room schedule for the day can be viewed by scanning the QR Code posted outside each room. You may also ask at the 2nd floor Information Desk or the 1st floor Reference Desk.
  • If a room is not scheduled for a particular hour, that room is available to be used by any group of two or more students. PLEASE SCHEDULE THE ROOM TO PREVENT BEING "BUMPED" BY ANOTHER GROUP.
  • When your group's scheduled time is over, if the room is scheduled to another group for the next hour, please leave the room promptly.
  • If there are any questions or problems, please ask at the 2nd Floor Information Desk.

Additional study rooms are available on the first floor of the Main Library.