Presentation Practice Room

Presentation Practice RoomStudents can practice their PowerPoint and multimedia presentations on the second floor of the Main Library. The Presentation Practice Room is available to any KSU student or students for up to two hours per day during schedulable times.

Equipment Available

  • PC with monitor to view presentations
  • Flat-panel screen to display presentations to an audience
  • Wall connection for laptops
  • Whiteboard with dry-erase markers and erasers
  • Conference table and seating for up to six students

Room Reservations

Reserve the room for up to two hours (based on availability) using the LibCal (by scheduling Room 214 Presentation Practice Room).  The Presentation Practice Room is bookable during the service hours of the 2nd Floor Information Desk <> and up to a week in advance.  At all other times, the Presentation Practice Room is on a first come, first served basis. 

Please note: This room is intended for groups and individuals to practice and edit presentations. Additional Group Study Rooms are also available on the second floors of the Main Library using the LibCal.  Also, there are study rooms on the first floor of the Main Library that are available without scheduling.

Users of the Presentation Practice Room agree to the Presentation Practice Room Policy and Use Guidelines